Carbohydrates are a manifestation of heat transfer

The basic ingredients in our diet include bread, salmon, rice (in the form of boiled or nuts and pans). Then the concept of delicious foods includes foods made from these ingredients. Nutritional carbohydrates are added to our body. These are a great source of energy for the planet. Carbohydrates in three forms include sugar, starch and dietary fiber.

Starchy foods include bread, double bread and rice etc. Then dietary fibers help maintain the health of our gastrointestinal and intestines. Starch and dietary fiber components should be balanced with diet. A large number of dietary fiber is available from fruits, vegetables and pulses. These are nutrients that help lower blood cholesterol.

Why Carbohydrates Are Essential For Health?

Various organs in the human body are fitted like a machine. Some organs are doing their work on the external surface, which requires energy to stay active and vibrant, and this heat provides food. After which glucose, fructose, galactose becomes available to us in honey, vegetables, milk, yogurt, Lucerne, etc., which contains monosaccharide’s, diets, and polysaccharides.

Important examples of diets include Sucrose and Fructose, which we find in fruits, nuts, sugar, potatoes, radishes and carrots. Eating one gram of carbohydrates gives the body 4 calories.

It should be remembered that the presence of dietary fibers and saccades is very important in the human digestive system because they are effective for bacteria found in the intestines.

They are constipated and protect against intestinal diseases and protect the body from certain important diseases such as constipation, appendix, obesity, and diabetes and bowel cancer.

How to get carbohydrates – potatoes or multi-green double bread?

According to nutritionists, potatoes and multi-green double breads are good sources of carbohydrate, but the carbohydrates contained in each are not the same, both of which increase blood sugar levels.

But potatoes are a relatively better source because they do not contain gluten.

Gluten is high in multi-green double breads (wheat, barley, etc.) so many people are allergic to using this bread. Even if no one has problems with using it, nutritionists based on their experience. Do not recommend it. Especially in the days when people are missing carbohydrates.

Excessive amounts of gluten contained in this double bread can cause intestinal inflammation. The immune system can resist naturally occurring cells in the body. This condition is called autoimmunity.

The use of multi-green breads often suggests a test of yourself and your family, called human leukocyte antigen. It is important to have this test done for children, as it is important for young children to change their physical and changing medical condition. Can neither be easily understood nor tell the elderly to make a proposed test to determine if they may be allergic.

Doctors also suggest a test for allergy detection called Gluten, called The Antinuclear Antibody. After doing both tests, it is determined whether a person or a child will be able to digest multi-green bread.

Many people say that this diet of multi-grain double bread is a complete diet and is essential for health. It is not at all possible that eating it can increase the acidity in the body.

Weight gains. Acne may occur on the face and other organs of the body. Digestive problems are also observed. If you eat potatoes, do not eat them in a semi-mature state. Heat potatoes do not form starch and by cooling them, the good bacteria in the intestines are in good shape and the intestines are healthy. Whenever the potatoes are fry, it is useful to use butter or butter. Vegetable is a much healthier choice than table oil.

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